I throughly enjoy sharing our resource with others and have been honored to be a guest on the following podcasts! Take a listen wherever you listen to your fav podcasts! Email me to have me as a guest on YOUR podcast!

“We are so grateful to sit down with Beth Roberts – Director of local nonprofit Neurodiversity Resource of the Panhandle and learn so much about how her personal story as a mother of neurodiverse children manifested into a community platform to help similar families throughout South Walton and beyond! Beth is a force to be reckoned with, and is incredibly passionate on assisting others through delivering real, valuable information to find trusted health care providers, therapies, and more. From hosting local fundraising events to offering grants, she is on a mission to share everything she has learned through this process and give back. Beth is also the creator of Sensory Kids Guide – a travel guide for neurodiverse families. Find out more and get involved by clicking Beth’s links below!





Lily and Magnolia Autism Travel Podcast is an excellent resource! I loved sharing my knowledge on traveling to Disney with a child with SPD/ASD!

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