Triggers: Fast moving roller coaster, Starts outside and then Completely dark interior

Pro: Very smooth, not “jerky” movements. Accessible seat in back

Seating: Two to a row, sitting on a motorcycle. Restraints on back and legs

EXIT: If 8 years old, you may step through and wait at exit

Height: Must be 48″ inches tall

Queue: Only available through Virtual Queue or Lightning Lane purchase

Walt Disney World’s newest attraction at Magic Kingdom in Tomorrowland! This thrill ride is a rollercoaster both outside at the beginning and then inside similar to Space Mountain and Guardians of the Galaxy in Epcot (click to see ride reviews!). Currently, you must enter the Virtual Queue at 7am on park day in the My Disney Experience App (tip: Turn off WIFI to join queue, go ahead a select party who will be riding and hit refresh starting at 6:59am). You will then receive your Boarding Group or if you don’t get a queue slot (we did NOT even using tips above), we purchased Lightning Lane passes (as of April 1, 2024, we paid $20 pp).

Once entering the TRON Lightcycle/Run compound, you will find two example lightcycle ride chairs. I highly encourage you to sit on a feel how the back support will rest on your back, how to pull the handles towards you and how your calves will rest in the padded area for your legs. There is also a metal bar that rests on the backside of your knees but does not touch your skin.

Our experience was through the Lightning Lane, so the virtual queue and standby lane will be slightly different with a longer wait and visual items. Once we entered, we walked into a small room with what appears as a large video screen. There was a brief video and then view of the boarding area and then we were led to the locker area. You will choose a locker and unlock with your magic band and place ALL your items in the space. Pick a number you will remember!

The lightcycle ride chairs are 2 side by side and a wheelchair and option for sensory accessible chair at the last car of every other lightscycle chair sets. This option is a side by side seat with lap bar. A great option for those that do not want the restraint on the cycle seat. Personally, I really liked the restraint as I felt very secure and safe! Also, in that position, I did not “lose” my stomach on the drops as much as I would normally feel.

The ride is a fast paced rollercoaster with sudden drops, turns and darkness for 90% of the ride. The ride itself was incredibly smooth and overall very fun. I would NOT recommend for smaller riders who do not enjoy rollercoasters or drops. Our biggest tip is watching the point of view video below BEFORE riding. Removing the uncertainty and unknown can allow a sensory kid to actually enjoy the ride even if it might be scarier than normal.