Triggers: Height if on Row 1 is 30ft in the air, Row 2 & 3 are below; Flying simulation; Scents

Seating: Can sit side by side with your group. Between the leg strap for smaller children.

Pro: Serene music, incredible cinematography, no fast movements.

Exit: If your child is 8, they can exit with a cast member directly before getting on the ride. You will meet your child right where you exit the ride.

One of our FAVORITES! Soarin’ is located in The Land section of World Nature. One of the more popular rides at Epoct, you journey across our beautiful planet and experience the sites, sounds AND smells of the nature around us. After waiting in a queue, you will watch a brief (and funny) instruction video before entering the theater. You will be directed to a row to bucket in. Row 1 will go the highest once rotated up agains the stage (see below in video) with Row 2 and 3 following below.

If your child falls below the indicated height on the ride, they will utilize the extra strap located between their legs to secure their buckle. Once the ride begins you are pulled up towards the IMAX screen for a brief 5 minute movie. You move slightly with the motion of flying. You will encounter incredible scenery and SMELLS that enhance each location. None of the smells are harsh or displeasurable.

Do not miss this incredible ride! One ALL my sensory kids LOVE!