Triggers: Roller coaster, multiple drops, compartment swings side to side

Pro: Smooth ride, break in middle of ride through mine

Exit: You can step to the left side of the coaster before getting on and wait at the exit gate if the child is 8 years or older

This roller coaster is well-made and a great intermediate sized roller coaster. Although super fun for non-SPD children and adults, this ride can be tough for those suffering from cognitive disabilities. This ride is a typical roller coaster with many twists, turns and drops before a short break where the coaster slows to take you through a dark mine. The 7 dwarfs are present and sing in perfect 7 part harmony while showing off their jewels and diamonds they have unearthed in the mine. The end of this break in the coaster ends with a climb to the largest and longest drop in the ride. Both my SPD child and non-SPD 4 year old did NOT enjoy this ride with the bigger drops (as an SPD adult, I did thoroughly enjoy!)

You will sit two people side by side to a train with a cushioned lap bell pulled tightly across the hips. There is a small storage net bag by your feet to store backpacks and ears! The ride and track are incredibly smooth and each train car (4 people total) will swing slightly independent of the cars around it!