Triggers: Wait can be long before entering large amphitheater type room

Pro: Super funny jokes, animations!

Exit: Due to length of show, I would suggest if your child wants to opt out last minute, that your entire party (or at least one adult), wait with them through the exit doors.

We don’t always hit this attraction on our visits, but it is ALWAYS fun and entertaining. And a great way to break from the heat if you are visiting in the summer! In the waiting area, you will have the opportunity to submit jokes via text message to be used in the show! Once entering the large arena, the show will begin with the goal of filling a canister on the wall with laughter. They also catch audience members on the big screen and have fun jokes. The seating is long benches, in a stadium like setting. The lights are always on, no loud surprises or big flashes of light. Just a great, fun show!