Triggers: Loud music, simulated movement with video, darkness/loud plus small heat and water spray event.

Seating: 3 per row, 2 rows per “mouse” car. Cushioned lap bar. 3D glasses

Pro: Super fun, reminiscent of movie, larger than life sets

Exit: You can exit with a cast member directly before getting on the ride. You will meet your child right where you exit the ride.

What a fun addition to the Epcot selection of rides! This sweet little ride is tucked in the back of France in the World Showcase (follow the sidewalk on the far right side with views of the Skyliner) next to the La Creperie de Paris! This 4D ride experience will make you feel as small as a mouse, running around Gusteau’s Kitchen. With a mix of 3D movie screen plus large sets, your little one will love feeling like you are right in the movie!

There are some sensory triggers, but I believe if you share the POV below with your child, they will truly love this ride! The “mouse” cars move on independent tracks (similar to Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway and Rise of the Resistance) but no jerky movements. You start by entering what feels like the Paris street, jumping in your little mouse and moving slowly to a 3D screen where you will start your kitchen experience, with slight movement in your car. From here you will move between large scale sets to screens with a water spray from a mop and heat from a burner. Overall, this should prove to be a FUN ride for your kiddo (and yourself!)

After your adventure, definitely hit the Beauty and Beast Sing-a-long just around the corner and then go to Les Halles Boulangerie and Patisserie for a sandwich and sweet treat!