After 6 trips in the last 5 years, I have finally put together the MUST-HAVE Items for you to take with you on your next trip to Disney World.

Traveling with a child who has Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD), Attention-Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) or on the Autism Spectrum (ASD), can be overwhelming. I find the best way for EVERYONE to enjoy a trip is to PLAN and PREPARE your child. When heading to the “Happiest Place on Earth“, a sensory overload, this is even more important!

First, start HERE. The best way to mentally prepare your child is to eliminate surprises…watch our POV videos and ride reviews. This will help your SPD child know exactly what a ride looks like and this can lower anxiety and sensory overload.

5 Must Bring Items!

  1. Noise-Cancelling Headphones: The most important!! Ride too loud? Headphones! Parade too loud? Headphones! Need to nap and can’t block out noise? Headphones! Fireworks SUPER loud?! HEADPHONES! I think you know what I mean. These don’t have to be super fancy Bose headphones, in fact, we’ve lost a pair or two in the past and these are always my go to.
  2. Chewy Necklace: Anxiety can peak even if they are excited and having a great time and I’ve found a little item to chew on can relieve a little of that anxiety! This also helps them keep non-sanitized items OUT of their mouths. I love these on Amazon!
  3. Temporary Emergency Tattoos: Do you have a runner? A kid that will take off without a care as to where they are or where they are headed? I am thankful my child has seemed to outgrow this BUT he still wanders easily from us. Snag a temporary tattoo with your name on it OR use a permanent marker to write your cell number on their arm! (try etsy for temporary tattoos)
  4. Weather Appropriate Items: Well, I’m a Florida girl and if you stand too long somewhere..the weather WILL change and change quickly. My sensory child hates COLD weather and rain. So I ALWAYS carry a light raincoat or poncho to protect against the elements and a small fan to relieve any heat exhaustion. I also carry a light sweater (we used this in February in the Penguins exhibit as it stays 32 degrees all year around…without the sweater we would have left immediately due to his discomfort.). I’ve seen some great neck cooling bandanas like these as well!
  5. SNACKS: Listen, there is nothing like a HANGRY, overstimulated child. Walt Disney World absolutely allows you to bring in your own snacks and I never travel to the park without them. I focus on healthy filling snacks like granola bars, stretch fruit leathers, snack crackers, applesauce squeezies and similar. We eliminated food dyes and most processed foods which can trigger my ASD child, so bringing our own snacks is essential for a successful trip and ability to avoid any unknown triggers from Disney food. We also always carry a water bottle and refill whenever we can.

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