Triggers: Fast moving roller coaster, dips/twists

Pro: Short break in middle of coaster

Exit: You can opt out and wait on the other side of the exit gate if the child is 8 years or older

Long anticipated new ride in Toy Story Land, the Slinky Dog Dash! If your sensory child loves roller coasters, this is a great one. My SPD child does not ride ANY coasters due to the dropping feeling and the speed. This coaster is very smooth but longer than most (compared to The Barnstormer especially). Because of the newness of the ride, the wait will be long to ride so I highly recommend using a FastPass or Disability Access Service if possible.

There are individual soft lap bars and two riders side by side.

Great activities for waiting in line:

Water Activity Books! Reusable and easy to carry.

Hours of entertainment! This is a fav for ALL my kids and easy to carry around.

Lego Rubber necklaces to distract or chew on if nervous.