Triggers: Fast moving, loud music

Pro: Never spin in full circle, at least 3 riders can be together

Exit: You can opt out and wait on the other side of the exit gate if the child is 8 years or older

A fun, new ride located in Toy Story Land! Very similar to Mad Hatter Tea Cups in Magic Kingdom with a couple new twists. Literally! You don’t have control over the spin of your car but more a whipping motion similar to an old school Scrambler fair ride (remember those?). My SPD child chose to opt out of this ride (but this was after our Smuggler’s Run experience so he was a little overwhelmed at the time). Although my 4 year old thoroughly enjoyed this one! It is relatively short but the music is very loud. We rode during the day time, so I can not comment on the lights (flashing or otherwise).

I recommend noise cancelling headphones for this ride if sound is a trigger! (We use these!)