Triggers: Bright colors with movement, Loud music, swift movement (no restraints)

Pro: Original Disney characters make this a safe, easy, fun ride. No actual dips/drops (simulated waterfall only)

Exit: You can opt out and wait on the other side of the exit gate if the child is 8 years or older

We were SO excited to experience this new attraction at Hollywood Studios and it didn’t disappoint!! The creators are calling this “2 1/2 D“, experiencing similar to 3D without the need of special glasses (and I hear more hidden Mickey’s than any other ride in Disney World!). The projected graphics combined with motion and sound create a really unique and fun ride. If you child is super sensitive to sound and bright lights, I suggest noise cancelling headphones to make this ride more enjoyable.

There are four trackless train cars (2 rows in each car, no restraint), led by Goofy in the locomotive…a seemingly casual ride, and oops! Goofy accidentally hits the train switch! You are transported into what feels like a cartoon as you are bounced around, each train car separating and moving swiftly around the ride. My child’s favorite part? Definitely Daisy’s Dance Floor…watch below!