Triggers: Loud music, transition to ride darkness/loud plus flashing lights, fast moving roller coaster.

Seating: Two side by side, 4 to a section of the train. Cushioned lap restraint, fits tight, with handles.

Pro: Incredible ride as far as innovation in roller coasters

Exit: You can exit with a cast member directly before getting on the ride. You will meet your child right where you exit the ride (bench and cast members present)

WOW, WOW, WOW! What an incredible ride but what a SENSORY OVERLOAD!! I adamantly do not recommend this ride for any child that has sensory issues or might even just be afraid of roller coasters. The movement within the coaster ride can seriously affect your vestibular system as each train car moves, turns, leans independently of the others WHILE moving up and down the track. Definitely spend the time to watch the full POV video at the bottom of this post!

You must enter the queue to ride this ride.


  • Using the My Disney App, make sure you are logged and and NOT USING DISNEY WIFI
  • Scroll down on the main page of the app and select JOIN under the Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind.
  • Confirm people in your party
  • REFRESH every second before 7am/1pm. (In order to join at 1pm, you must be IN EPCOT).
  • Once it refreshes to the next screen, HIT CONFIRM!
  • Hopefully that will give you your queue time!!


Upon entering the building you will wind through a large ramped room with a screen on the ceiling playing a message with graphics of the Earth and the Planet Zandar. (the POV video at the end of the post does NOT video the following) At the top of the ramp, you will wind through exhibits of costumes, scaled models and videos from Guardians of the Galaxy.

One of the small video screens you will encounter while walking through the queue.

You will be directed to a large room with a video message (image and video below).

From here, (NO VIDEOING or images were allowed…sorry guys, I’m a rule follower!!), you are directed to a room with what appears to be a large generator in ceiling…there is a brief moment of flashing flights and pitch black for the room to then be revealed a large screen and subsequent message. My sensory child stayed with us until he stepped through with a cast member. This part was very frightening to him (age 11 at time of ride) and was very anxious to get to where he was assured he could wait for us. At the end of this segment you will be ushered into the queue to enter the ride itself.

A BIG thing we focus on with our children is ADVOCATING for themselves. My son bravely found a cast member (even before I could) to ask specifically where he would be stepping through so he did not have to ride! The cast member was not super clear, so he was anxious heading into the section of the ride with the generator in the ceiling. I held him tight to provide a tight hug for him and reminded him at NO point would he be riding and I would make sure of it!

Each train has 4 cars, seated two by two. A large, cushioned lap bar will be pulled down individually for each rider with two cushioned handlebars (which you will DEFINITELY hold on to!)

Check out the POV video below! Because of the fast movement of the cars, it will seem a little confusing but hopefully that will help you and your sensory child make a decision on whether or not to ride.