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UPDATE: My Sensory child RODE it! (age 11). We made sure he knew in each stage of the ride what to expect (type of movement, when the main ride would start, when the drop happens..etc) and he LOVED it! What a great sensory success!

UPDATE: Able to join virtual queue and RIDE in May 2021! Updated review below!

EDIT: Trip in February 2021, unable to join Virtual Queue to Ride.

Triggers: Multiple stages of ride which can cause anxiety and sense of unknown for child, dark moments, bright lights and loud noises. Small drops, car movement.

Pro: Sets are incredibly intricate so it is a cool experience especially if you have a Star Wars loving child or adult!

Exit: “Breaks” in between each segment of ride where you can exit. (before boarding the “transport car” and before getting on the actual ride)

With each new attraction created, Disney World has created an incredible adventure for riders in Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance! As we have mentioned in previous posts, the BEST WAY to prepare an SPD child is to watch POV videos!

My SPD child and I watched the video together to see his reaction before we went on our trip. At first, he loved the different “scenes” you go through until you reach the actual motion ride. He enjoyed the affects (and keeping in mind, he is a HUGE Star Wars fan!)! Once the ride started moving around what looks to be a First Order ship and transitions into a video motion (similar to Millenium Falcon, Smuggler’s Run and Star Tours), he was very certain he would not enjoy.

During our trip in May 2021, my non-SPD child and I were able to join the afternoon virtual queue! I was SUPER excited to finally experience this attraction! My 5 year old was a little nervous but I assured her it was going to be a great experience (as we watched the POV videos!). Once you enter the ride, your virtual queue time was confirmed and you wind through a forested area outside (fans and cooling fans all present). You then continue to wind through a maze like cave with cool affects, props and small rooms to pass the time in line. (NOTE: If you are using the DAS pass, you can by-pass the regular line once your queue has been called! My daughter does not qualify so we did not have the option this time as we were not traveling with my SPD/ASD child).

You are then directed to colored circles based on your party size within a small room, you watch a quick video then are directed outside (following your same dot color) where you are momentarily paused until you can enter the Transport Shuttle. The cast members are all completely in character and truly add a level to this experience unlike so many other attractions!

AT THIS POINT, the ride begins! You are standing in a really cool transport flyer and the slight movement and screens make it feel like you are flying/bouncing around space. There are no restraints, just poles to hold on to. The unknown of each step can be a trigger for your child. (WATCH THE POV VIDEO!!!). The transport is then taken by The First Order and cast members in character board the vessel and direct you to the next portion of the ride.

The anxiety building between each section of the ride could cause an SPD child to become very anxious and scared. There are multiple moments of darkness, bright lights and loud affects.

You then walk through a large open gallery filled with Storm Troopers!! It is just WOW!

From here you are directed to a long hallway to get on the actual ride. The ride are small cars (if you can picture a large car, two rows, 3 people possible in each row) with seat buckles. You are then moved around (not on a track, but independent movement similar to Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway) through different parts of the First Order ship. Each area equally awesome and a little overwhelming! There is a time when the car feels like it is being secured and as you can see in the video below, there is a DROP and then movement similar to Millennium Falcon Smuggler’s Run like you are in a simulator. From here, the ride ends and you are moved outside to get off the ride. It’s a LOT. You are the biggest and best advocate for your SPD child, but I will not have mine ride this until he is older and able to handle the triggers and anxiety of this attraction.

After or before riding, I definitely highly recommend walking around Galaxy’s Edge!! The new land is really immersed in detail, you truly feel like you are in Star Wars!!

Let us know how you liked it (or how your SPD child did on the ride!)