Triggers: n/a

Pro: Interactive story telling, able to move around

Exit: Due to moving between 3 rooms, exit is possible, but if you feel this is not a good fit for your child, I would just avoid the attraction.

This is definitely more of an attraction than a ride! Enchanted Tales with Belle is just as the name would suggest, you will be a part of and participate in re-telling of the story of Belle and the Beast. You enter a small room which appears to be Maurice’s (Belle’s father) workshop, the enchanted mirror comes to life! Children are encouraged to stand in the front while parents file in behind. You enter through the mirror after a brief story and repeating an enchanted phase which causes the mirror to expand and sparkle. The next room is with the large wardrobe where children AND adults receive a “part” in the story telling.

You then enter the third and final room where there is bench seating with a fireplace at the front of the room. Belle will enter and Lumiere will lead the story-telling. It is calm, low-key performance that should leave everyone enjoying their time! And plus, it’s one of the few times you get to meet BELLE!