Triggers: 3D glasses, Bright colors, Fast moving videos, Having to pull a cord and aim the gun at the 3D screen

Pro: Fun animations, 3 people per car (only 2 canons)

Exit: You can opt out and wait on the other side of the exit gate if the child is 8 years or older

This ride perplexes me a little with my SPD child. It has ALL the triggers (loud, moving car, 3D glasses plus having to pull the cord on the little canon in front of you while aiming at targets) but it is his ABSOLUTE favorite ride in probably ALL of Disney World. If your child is familiar with Toy Story (let’s be honest, whose isn’t?!), it’s probably why this is such an enjoyable experience! Aiming at silly, child friendly objects is all part of the fun and interaction with the ride. Each car will move in front of a screen with targets to hit and a countdown clock, once you finish, the car will move quickly to the next screen. You encounter about 5 different screens before the ride commences.

There is typically a long wait with this ride BUT the props and other set aspects in line are GREAT and keep the kids entertained.