Triggers: Confined spaces, jerky motion, loud noise, interaction for rider

Pro: Interaction in wait line is really great

Exit: You can opt out and wait on the other side of the exit gate if the child is 8 years or older

EDIT: I am so incredibly proud that my child RODE this after many visits of stepping through. This is a testament to how sensory needs change as they get older. The review below was when he was 8 years old and really reaching a height of sensory challenges. At age 11, he was nervous but more excited to ride. We let him choose the “role” to play during the ride and he thoroughly enjoyed it!! Just know sensory needs change and you can adapt and support accordingly!

This entry is actually quite hard to write and was the inspiration to start this resource. Because this was a new ride, we asked MANY cast members what it was like. Most compared it to Star Tours, which in the past has been a great ride for my entire family (especially my SPD child, we rode it 4x in a row in years previous). We even spoke to others who rode it previously. All their descriptions were enough to digest what the right MIGHT be like, but unfortunately, in actuality, it was no where close.

I will preface and state as an adult, this ride is AMAZING!!! I highly recommend, especially if you love Star Wars. But I would state with strong conviction, this is NOT a ride for children with sensory processing disorders or similar cognitive limitations. The wait line was exceptional, with extreme detail, cool audio and full immersion in the Star Wars world. Once you get to the ride, your party of 6 is each given a task for the “mission” on the Millennium Falcon. Two pilots (one moving the joystick up and down and the other left to right), two gunners, and two engineers (each having buttons to push at specific times). The visuals are intense, with loud audio and jerky movement in the ride. Although hard to describe, the video below does a great job showing both perspectives (facing the riders, and then facing the screen). If you are one of the pilots, the ride “container” will move according to your driving skills…if you are a skilled controller, there will be LESS jerking. If the pilot is less skilled, the ride has more hits, bounces and jerking motion.

My sensory child was severely affected by the noise and movement and the stress of having control of the joystick. Unfortunately, each person is in a separate seat and seat-belted in, so helping a child that might be scared is not very easy or accessible. This ride was so intense for him, he was unable to ride anything else the rest of the day due to being completely in sensory overload.

All that to say, I do recommend walking around Galaxy’s Edge!! The new land is really immersed in detail, you truly feel like you are in Star Wars!!