Triggers: Strong gasoline smell, loud roar of engines, stress of driving/pressing peddle

Pro: Can ride with adult

Exit: You can continue walking past cars and wait on the other side of the exit gate if the child is 8 years or older

Funny enough, the Tomorrowland Speedway was a favorite of my SPD child UNTIL he thought it could handle it on his own. The stress of pressing the pedal and steering became very stressful for him and unfortunately, this ended this adventure in a few tears and frustrations. We know he will be able to handle this in future years, but we allowed him this freedom and he did, unfortunately, hit his limitations. In that vain, this is why this has a slightly higher sensory level. Each car works independently of one another with full control of speed and steering (metal bar in center of track will keep you mostly on course). The strong gasoline odor and sounds can heighten anyone with sensitivities to such.

I recommend noise cancelling headphones for this ride! (We use these!)