Is your sensory kid in a traditional school setting? Or in a private school? Or even homeschooled? No matter which learning environment you have chosen for your child, these tools will be GREAT in aiding their learning needs and techniques. Let us know below if you have used any of these and how they have worked for you! Reminder, always check with your child’s teacher and school and approve the use of these tools in the classroom.

The Basics

Let’s start with the basics. SET-UP. Knowing your environment may or may not be able to support these, but hopefully they do! I have come across and used these tools for my sensory child. They have been instrumental in their success in both a public school and private school environment.

The Bouncy-Band: This item was a god-send during our time in public school. It allowed my child to release some energy and fidget as needed without disruption to those around him! We attached it to the front posts of his desk, but you can also attach to the chair if they don’t use individual desks.

A Yoga Ball Chair: We have recently implemented this in my child’s school and it has been a good tool for managing energy and sensory input. (hint: read reviews on how to expand ball to largest setting! It really made a difference!)

Gaiam Balance Cushion: Not able to implement the yoga chair and the bouncy-bands not quite enough? This is a GREAT option! Place in any chair and they are able to provide sensory input anywhere they go. Great for kids who change classes throughout the day!

Kick Bands: Another alternative to the bouncy-band. These provide a little more flexibility in use for chairs, desk and can adjust height easily.

Additional Resources

I have utilized the items below in addition to the above to help as needed for sensory input/restriction. These are less noticeable but make a huge difference! If your child would prefer a more discreet solution (especially if they are older), these are really impactful.

Compression Tanks: These are worn under clothing items and provide gentle, deep sensory pressure compression that may help children stay calm and focused.

Weighted Lap Blanket: We use this in conjunction with the yoga ball chair. This provides a stability for my child and a calming, grounded feeling that helps him stay focused and relaxed during times he might be overwhelmed. We also use this at night before bed. (this one is great as it is washable!)

Lap Pad for Younger Children: Same as the weighted lap blanket above but great for younger children! A fun animal that can also provide comfort!

Noise reducing Headphones: I have shared these so many times and can’t say enough!! These are great for travel but also great for the classroom. Only to be used during quiet time (not during teacher instruction), an additional tool for creating a quiet, distraction free environment. Think when they are writing, test taking, reading time..etc!

Cool Learning and Calming Tools!

Lastly, here are a few items we use both at home and in school to help create calm if a child is feeling overwhelmed or additional sensory input!

Liquid Motion Bubbler: I shared these around Christmas last year and ours are still in use! Recently, my child brought this to school to help aid in relaxation and self regulation. Occasionally, tempers flare and frustrations arise..flip this little guy over and it provides a quiet 5 minute self time out without distracting classmates!

Stress Balls: Our play therapist recently recommended these for my child (and really ALL my kiddos!!). I’m sure you have used one before! They are great to provide an outlet for frustration especially for young ones having problems with self-regulating frustration and anger.

I hope you have found this helpful as a resource in navigation resources for classroom use. We’d love to hear your feedback below on what works and what doesn’t for you! Know of any additional resources? Email me! I’d love to chat!