Triggers: Some up/down movement in car, air blowing, bright colors with movement

Pro: Pooh is a well known “safe” cartoon character, slow moving

Exit: You can opt out and wait on the other side of the exit gate if the child is 8 years or older

If you had asked me initially, I would have said this was a NO-brainer, easy-peasy ride for my sensory child. But in reality, that wasn’t quite the case for our first ride (age 5). The up and down movement of the “honey pot” where you sit during the pretend water storm made him a little dizzy. The “dream” sequence also scared him a little bit. Fast forward to our last trip (age 8) and we rode it twice! It was all about expectations and being prepared for any movement (even just a little).

Up to 6 riders (3 in each row) sit in an individual honey pot with a pull down lap bar. The back row is slightly elevated for easier viewing. We easily sat 2 kids and one adult in one row! The ride meanders through The Hundred Acre Wood blowing through a wind storm, through Pooh’s dream sequence and then finally a heavy rain (where the up and down movement comes in). A sweet journey with familiar characters makes these easy to guide your sensory child through!