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EDIT: Trip in February 2021, unable to join Virtual Queue to Ride.

EVALUATION OF RIDE BASED ON POV VIDEO. WE HAVE NOT HAD THE OPPORTUNITY TO RIDE. But based on our experience, we can help spot triggers based on the video below. We will update once ridden in person!

Triggers: Multiple stages of ride which can cause anxiety and sense of unknown for child, dark moments, bright lights and loud noises. Small drops, car movement.

Pro: “Breaks” in between each segment of ride which assuming you could exit.

Exit: To be determined

Many of our readers are headed to Disney World in 2020 and until we can experience this ride first hand, we wanted to share a great point of view (POV) video below. As we have mentioned in previous posts, the BEST WAY to prepare an SPD child is to watch POV videos!

My SPD child and I watched the video together to see his reaction. At first, he loved the different “scenes” you go through until you reach the actual motion ride. He enjoyed the affects (and keeping in mind, he is a HUGE Star Wars fan!)! Once the ride started moving around what looks to be a First Order ship and transitions into a video motion (similar to Millenium Falcon, Smuggler’s Run and Star Tours), he was very certain he would not enjoy.

Based on the video, the anxiety building between each section of the ride could cause an SPD child to become very anxious and scared. There are multiple moments of darkness, bright lights and loud affects.

I definitely highly recommend walking around Galaxy’s Edge!! The new land is really immersed in detail, you truly feel like you are in Star Wars!!